Haiku Nightmares #2

This two-way mirror

Displays the most awful things

Reflections show truth


© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)


All Of The Storms

I start a fight

Laying my hands

On a dead mans chest

No-one will ever atone

No-one is expected to

They’ve already started

Their drive home

All of the storms

Are ready for chasing

But long ago

Had already entered

My last slumber



© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)





Rise Of The Empress

Rise of the empress

She, originally dethroned

Written out of history

Now arisen

A part of her own hierarchy

Contained within the old guard

She is ours to cherish

And ours to destroy

Our obsession grows daily

Feet nailed to the floor

We’ve rewritten her exile

Forgotten her sins

This is a major victory for her

For she rules blindly

Into the encroaching new age

© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)

Clenched, Aching Fists

She weeps
But doesn’t know
To console her
Is difficult
To make her laugh
An impossibility
To talk
To try to sift
Through the clouds
In her mind
Too awkward

So I’ll sit
To her clenched
Aching fists
And I’ll make life
All about her


© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)