If Only

If only

I could remember


Like I remember


I’d never have to fear




Rise Of The Empress

Rise of the empress

She, originally dethroned

Written out of history

Now arisen

A part of her own hierarchy

Contained within the old guard

She is ours to cherish

And ours to destroy

Our obsession grows daily

Feet nailed to the floor

We’ve rewritten her exile

Forgotten her sins

This is a major victory for her

For she rules blindly

Into the encroaching new age

© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)

Clenched, Aching Fists

She weeps
But doesn’t know
To console her
Is difficult
To make her laugh
An impossibility
To talk
To try to sift
Through the clouds
In her mind
Too awkward

So I’ll sit
To her clenched
Aching fists
And I’ll make life
All about her


© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)

Wondrous Mind

I filled my mind
With all of the wonders
I thought it could handle

I broke it

But something happened
On the way back
All of the wondrous
Ideas and imagination
Flooded into this world

My mind was set free

Its cage was shattered
And it escaped, finally
Into a world of passion
And meaning

My mind –
Is a contradiction
A law unto itself
It breaks so easily
But fixes itself
So beautifully


© 2014 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)


I’ve been told I’m dysfunctional by choice

But I’m not so sure

If I choose to be dysfunctional

Then I’m functional enough to choose

And if I’m functional enough to choose

Then that very act

Shows that I’m dysfunctional enough

To be functional

And choose dysfunction


I must be functional enough to write about this

But dysfunctional enough to have something to write about


Is this my choice?


I’ll have to ask myself later on

When I’m not concentrating on being functional


© 2018 Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart)