Am I sleepwalking
Into the void
Is the sound of the universe
Silencing itself in readiness
Do I offer my regrets in exchange
For the chance to hear
The music again
Or do I wallow in the absence
Of life-song

© Arron Hickman 2023



You crave my failure

You crave my loss of independence

You crave my return

It is you

It is you who fails me

It is you who depends on me

It is you I can never return to

It is I

It is I who carries you to success

It is I who gives you freedom of thought

It is I who grants you exit

You never

You never wish for success

You never wish for your freedom

You never wish an exit

For without me

There is no you

And without me

You cannot exist

Fear what you crave

For one day

I may just grant you your wishes

© Arron Hickman 2023

We Both Know

We both know

That love can change

And the winds

That guided us here

Might never

Flow this way again

Copyright Arron Hickman 2023

Fresh War

Come the start

Of a new year

Against the washed-out


Of my rotting society

The war


My war

Starts afresh

No winners

No losers

Just the eternal battle

For my unfashionable mind

© Arron Hickman 2022

Elysium – Part Two

Elysium arrives

And I find it empty

After all the good I have done

There is no sympathy 

For my guilt

My burned skin

Is cold to the touch

And the crowd has left

Their giddy thrill satisfied

I was another hopeless cause

At the heel of their boots

The nails they planted

Imbedded in my soul

Will never fade

And I know Elysium will never accept

What is left of me

There is everything wrong

And nothing to gain 

From its destruction

And I’m sober to its reality

The true reality 

Of being a nihilists mouthpiece

© Arron Hickman 2022


Do you wish to see

Both truth and belief


Yes, they cry!

And whose do you wish

To see set aflame?

Yours, they taunt!

So I kneel

Hold my arms out

And gratefully accept

The lighting of the fuse

Let Elysium come, I think

Let Elysium burn

© Arron Hickman (The Harlequin Heart) 2020

Nightmare Alley by Arron S. Hickman

Well, after many delays caused by life, death, the pandemic and everything in between, I’m proud to say that my book ‘Nightmare Alley’ is now available. It is a collection of fourteen short surreal horror stories adapted from some of the most vivid nightmares that have stayed with me throughout the years. If you’re interested, grab a copy, if you like it, review that copy (it helps immensely), if not, please just share the shit out of this. Thanks all, A.

Bleed Me

Bleed me

And breathe me in

This morticians dream

A dynasty

Of blasphemous fragments

Within me

And my cathedral of denial

You are brought to life

To live, then end

My bloodied fictitions

And barren obsessions

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