The Harlequin Heart has long been gestating within me. For what seemed like an age I tried to engage with it and to converse in a such a way as to allow it to free itself from its self-made prison; I continuously strived for answers, but met with failure. Recently however, I believe I have slowly begun to understand who and what it is. The years of conversations and fights with it on the stormy nights and painful days may mean that something has resulted from the years of frustration I have felt, and I believe this site is the sum of all of the thousands of moving parts within me.

This site is not only to show my artwork or publish my poems and prose, but shall also act as a forum for my everyday battles with my mental health issues; a forum which I hope will help others with their own personal battles with their demons, and maybe show that there is a glimmer of light on even the darkest of days.

Thank you for viewing my site,


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