It’s Still Out There


Sounds Of A Broken Radio


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Circumvent My Selfishness

It is you I beg
To save me from myself
To circumvent my selfishness
And focus on the real

The man that wishes to sleep
Remembers everything
Anything that he could have had
Was not enough for him

You could have me all
If I let you
And I want to let you
But I can’t be repaired

If I could
I’d let you restart me
At least you could be sure
That nothing would falter

In these hands
Are the love you give me
But when the worlds collide
I question whether it is enough for me

The piano is playing now
The song remains the same
I’ll hand myself over to you
For another day

Life Leaves A Remembrance Card

There are days

Such as today

When the fear of death leaves me

And life leaves a remembrance card

On my doorstep

And I’m all too willing

To push that lack of fear

To its ultimate conclusion



But there are other days

When the thought of not existing

Terrifies me

Not being a living, breathing, thinking thing

I just can’t get my head around it


So I’ll focus on that

Fix the cracks

And wait for that good kind of fear

To return

Here I Am

Here I am

Looking into tomorrow
Without control
The drifting moments
Of today
Have lost their lustre
I’m letting go
That part of me
Born within time
Everything I looked at
Having been driven away
By the ghosts
Gone where they’ve felt free
From me
And staring at the brutal nature
Of the lonely path
As I wander aimlessly
Along the streets of shattered memories
The darkness
Beneath the starlight
Beckons my useless self
To drain away
These incessant tears
I formulate a plan
And greet tomorrow
With a faux-smile
And give away
The last of my memories
So that I can live anew

A Blank Canvas

A point of interest

On a blank canvas


And Seamless

Paint in hand

Brush at the ready

Magnificent visions

And the means

To capture them

So why do I not paint

Why does my brush not create

The masterpiece in my mind

I’m a blocked drain

Without a plunger at hand


You’re at the end

Of another quiet Monday

Wandering through the drifting fogs of time

The imprint of your hand

On a glass doorway

Is all you’ll leave behind

To memory

And the love of those you’ll leave behind


Because you’ve stopped trying