Bleach The Bones Clean

Is being fed to the lions
Disgusting nature at work
Meat wrenched from the bone
Blood drunk from the veins
I won’t sympathise
Nothing wrong is happening

It’ll hit soon
And the animals will tire of the feast
Fade into the background
Behind the silent smiles
And hideous eyes
I’ll pick up the remains
Bleach the bones clean
Put them back together
Display the truth for all to see

And I’ll charge them for it


So Now I Just Whisper

I know I can see into the future
Because I repeat it all over and over again
But I could be just dreaming
Because it feels so abstract
So now I just whisper
Scared to make a sound
Each day feels exactly like the one before
Me trying to do exactly as I’ve been told
Not as I’m expected to do
Forgoing all thoughts of love and pain
Trying to lose myself in the inanity
Forcing myself to be happy here
Finding it too easy to pretend

So I write it all down onto paper
Someone might someday enter the building
And find it all written for them
How it all started
How it all exactly ended
I won’t hide any of it
It’ll all be there
All bleeding through the jotted note paper

I wished it could all have been done differently
The moral is that in the end
I don’t know what more I could’ve done

A Door Remains Shut

A door remains shut
Thematically inseparable
From the general ordering a charge
Of his starving troops
They say the sound of war
Lasts longest
Until we all fall silent

The seconds tick by
Shallow graves
Dug by unseen hands
And the watchers
Become the watched
The haters
The hunted

A man’s last scream
A general tiredness
Of our senses
Our apathy apparent
To the woes
Wrought by us all

Tap your watch
And listen to its sound
Close your eyes
And imagine it stopping
When your grace falls short

A Visual Sensory Overload

In memory
Of a misstep
Of a servants cruel denial
Of a crucial beat
Of forgotten music

Simple affections
And blunt objects
Smashing wet cement
A visual sensory overload
Crafted from nothing
Turned into something

Look at the sky
And see what happens next
Each time will be different
And fit for us all

Circumvent My Selfishness

It is you I beg
To save me from myself
To circumvent my selfishness
And focus on the real

The man that wishes to sleep
Remembers everything
Anything that he could have had
Was not enough for him

You could have me all
If I let you
And I want to let you
But I can’t be repaired

If I could
I’d let you restart me
At least you could be sure
That nothing would falter

In these hands
Are the love you give me
But when the worlds collide
I question whether it is enough for me

The piano is playing now
The song remains the same
I’ll hand myself over to you
For another day

Life Leaves A Remembrance Card

There are days

Such as today

When the fear of death leaves me

And life leaves a remembrance card

On my doorstep

And I’m all too willing

To push that lack of fear

To its ultimate conclusion



But there are other days

When the thought of not existing

Terrifies me

Not being a living, breathing, thinking thing

I just can’t get my head around it


So I’ll focus on that

Fix the cracks

And wait for that good kind of fear

To return