So Now I Just Whisper

I know I can see into the future
Because I repeat it all over and over again
But I could be just dreaming
Because it feels so abstract
So now I just whisper
Scared to make a sound
Each day feels exactly like the one before
Me trying to do exactly as I’ve been told
Not as I’m expected to do
Forgoing all thoughts of love and pain
Trying to lose myself in the inanity
Forcing myself to be happy here
Finding it too easy to pretend

So I write it all down onto paper
Someone might someday enter the building
And find it all written for them
How it all started
How it all exactly ended
I won’t hide any of it
It’ll all be there
All bleeding through the jotted note paper

I wished it could all have been done differently
The moral is that in the end
I don’t know what more I could’ve done


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