Contracted Altruism

I waste my time
sitting at someone elses desk
doing someone elses work

I’m gifted with menial jobs
and pointless tasks
and I carry it all out
to please someone else

I should be happy
with my contracted altruism
but I just can’t muster up
the interest
to look after myself


2 thoughts on “Contracted Altruism

  1. I am wayyyyy too OCD to wear mismatched socks! I can’t even have an unmatched sock in my sock drawer; the lone sock has to wait on the dryer until its mate comes along

    • I know someone who suffers with severe OCD tendencies (cleaning, double and triple checking things, not being able to move on until certain things are done, etc.) so I hear your pain. Me, I’m not OCD in any way (not that I know anyway) I can barely be bothered to put the correct socks together in my draw. In fact, I believe I’m wearing mismatched socks right now!

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