Another Celebrity Dies

Another “celebrity” dies
And we fall to our knees
Wailing to the sky
Asking how
And why
This could have happened
We were there
By their graveside
So we can be that broken widow
Clawing at the dirt
Demanding their return

Hang on, you speak
What’s this you say?
A hospital is destroyed
By a wayward missile
Fired from a country
Full of reckless hate
The patients dying
whilst fighting to live
This is sad
Very sad indeed

What else do you say?
Men, women and children
Beheaded and burned
Tortured and shot
By warlords
Calling for social cleansing
Again, this is sad

But surely this is merely
The way of the world
And so
The celebrities death
Is far more worthy
Of our time and attention
They give us so much more
Than the thought
Of the carcasses
Of dead children
And husbands and wives
That will never reach home


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