The Desolate Wasteland

I’m sitting here alone
In the peace and quiet
Of former parkland
No-one is around to bother me

This is just how I like the world:

There are other creatures here
playing amongst the rubbish
and hidden in the long grass
Skittering around in the waste
But I don’t mind them

I don’t mind the birds
Pecking at empty crisp packets
Glued with gum to the floor
Or the shattered glass
Of thrown beer bottles
Catching the light of the sun

I don’t mind the brown weeds
Growing out of the cracks
in the shit-covered floor
or the bugs slowly crawling
Over the piss-stained walls

I don’t care about the empty syringes
plunged deep into the mud
or the used condoms
speared on top of a fence post
of someones back garden

None of this bothers me
Because it’s just me here

No-one comes here anymore
Because they’ve nothing left to ruin
But that’s fine by me
It means I can record human life
When human life is not around


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