There aren’t many people I miss in my life
But you my dear friend
You are truly missed

You were a joy to be around
Even if most times I was with you
I had my head in my hands
Astonished and embarrassed
with what you were getting up to
Even now, remembering those crazy nights
I shake my head, in disbelief

But I also smile
Because that’s the point.
That is what made you who you were
You were a person we all needed in our life

You were a conductor of fun
Leading a symphony of life
And creating a musical interlude
For those around you to enjoy

Always a mad grin
Always some insane idea
A man of cheerful chaos

To you I reserve a special place in my weary soul
A place where you can sit and cause as much chaos as you like

Kooshi aka Koorosh aka Mad Dog Aka The Insane Iranian
People say that the good always die young
And usually I scoff at such phrases

But in your case I’m going to make an exception to the rule
I miss you dearly
And I wish you had never been taken from us.


One thought on “Kooshi

  1. Like you, I truly miss Kooshi. You express very well the same things I feel. It is rare to meet someone with such a sense of fun in life, who dedicates himself to mad, mischievous, playful and utterly attractive behaviour. All who knew him loved him, and had not a bad word to say about him. Rest in peace, Kooshi, and think about us sometimes, we who must struggle on without you.

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